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JuJu's Kennels


JuJu's Kennels

Located on Big Island Hawai'i. Selling Top Tier Rottweilers Bloodline from Germany.

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Our Rottweilers come from a champion bloodline. The Big Island of Hawaii is where we are located. In order to prevent inbreeding, we register our puppies with the AKC. Each Rottweiler is selected by hand with the objective of establishing a stronger foundation and producing the highest-quality offspring possible. To us, it's more than a business; each dog is loved and cared for. That is what we aim to share with you. Our property is 2 and a half acres in size, and they are welcome both outside and indoors. coexisting with us in a regular routine.

Our Rottweilers are a bloodline of Champions. We are located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our puppies are registered with the AKC to avoid inbreeding. We hand pick each Rottweiler to build a stronger foundation, and to breed the best puppies on the Island.It's not just a business to us but a family, each dog is loved and cared for. We hope to share that with you. Our land carries 2 and a half acres where they run outside and are welcomed inside as well. Living a daily routine with us.


Reserving a Puppy


A $1,000 non-refundable payment fee is required to secure a placement on the waiting list. If the deposit cannot be made on a certain litter for any reason whatsoever, it will be applied to the upcoming litter.

Payments & Requirements


Cash is recommended as a means of payment, but we will additionally accept Venmo and PayPal. Each puppy will be priced at $4,500. The puppy can only be purchased if the proper amount of space is available.




At 6 weeks of age, all puppies will receive a 9-way combination vaccine, and at 2 weeks old, they will begin routine deworming treatments. Before being presented to the new owner, every puppy will have a complimentary checkup by a veterinarian.



Given that Mo'okini Kennels initiated this whole process, we are incredibly appreciative to be getting advice from them. In Germany, Oliver Neubrand is the owner of consecutive Rottweiler champions. Receiving dogs from him is now possible, thanks to Mo'okini Kennels.


News & Videos 

The father of the puppies

The mother of the puppies

The father of the puppies

We've got a new Rottweiler named Tata from Germany.

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